Stop Suffering – Plantar Fasciitis

Most “custom” foot orthotics on the market FAIL to optimize foot function because they’re not designed from an accurate 3-D impression of your foot in its corrected arch-up position. Purchase an orthotic on-line and you’ll get a foam box to step into. Next, you send this foam box back to the lab and voilà…an orthotic arrives on your doorstep in a few days. POINTELESS…you just sent the lab a perfect 3-D impression of your deformed foot which means your “custom orthotic” is designed to support your DEFORMED foot. Here’s why: when you stand in foam, the weight of your body plus gravity forces your arch to flatten. Sad but true, and the worst part of this scenario is that the buyer now believes, “Orthotics didn’t work for me” and ultimately ends up having an unnecessary surgery. Sad and expensive!

When you want a truly custom foot orthotic that has the potential to correct the cause of plantar fasciitis, you call Arizona Orthotics. Questions? Call us today, 480-307-4060.

No prescription needed

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