Correct the Cause of Plantar Fasciitis. Start Healing!

No prescription, no referral, no problem. Save hundreds!

Tip # 1: Correct the cause of plantar fasciitis; optimize how the feet handle gravity

Each foot moves through 2 general motions with every step – pronation and supination (see video). Years of standing and walking on concrete, with footwear that fails to account for the specific needs of the individual, is why the arch begins to collapse. This is referred to as overpronation, and overpronation is the primary cause of plantar fasciitis. In order to improve the passage of gravity through the feet, it’s essential to optimize pronation and supination. Only an accurate and precise custom foot orthotic is designed specifically to meet this need.

Tip # 2: Correct the cause of plantar fasciitis; only purchase made-from-scratch custom calibrated foot orthotics

Custom should be synonymous with top-of-the-line and when an orthotic is made with accuracy and precision there’s nothing better! Sadly, it’s not uncommon to see the word custom prominently displayed on made-in-advance orthotics. All orthotics are not created equal and unless an orthotic is made-from-scratch specific to body weight, foot flexibility and activity level, it’s not truly custom. “If you can walk into a store and select an orthotic off the shelf, it’s not made to match your needs. How could it be? It’s pre-made and nicely packaged just waiting for you to grab it off the shelf. Labeling said product custom is misleading,” says Dr. David J. Doperak with Arizona Orthotics.

Tip # 3: Make sure your orthotic is made with accuracy and precision

Accuracy means the orthotic is an exact match of each foot’s corrected “arch-up” posture. In order for this to happen, it’s essential the 3-D foot impression is captured non-weight bearing; this prevents a person’s body weight from collapsing the arch. Precision means each orthotic is calibrated to flex specific to a person’s: 1. body weight, 2. foot flexibility and, 3. activity level.

To sum up: overpronation is the primary cause of plantar fasciitis. In other words, plantar fasciitis is the end result of a flattened arch causing micro tearing in the plantar fascia over time; gravity is an overwhelming force upon the 26 bones and 33 joints of each foot. It’s that simple! It’s not inherited. We all live in gravity. This has nothing to do with our genetic makeup.

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