Calibration – think about it

If you need glasses, do they ask ONLY if you are near or farsighted? No, what they do is measure the specific sight CAPACITY of each eye, then calibrate the lens to match YOUR specific need.

So then, why would you settle for a custom foot orthotic that doesn’t account for the specific need of each foot? Yet, this is how most orthotics are made and why most people continue to suffer. More importantly, this is why our orthotics are always calibrated to flex specific to YOU!

We proudly offer the only medical grade custom foot orthotic on the market created from an accurate 3-D impression of your feet which is specifically calibrated to match your weight, foot flexibility, and activity level (See Fully Supported Arch Video Clip) ! Get that spring back in your step! Call Arizona Orthotics today, 480-307-4060.

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